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Lifetime Eye Care officeAt Lifetime Eye Care, we believe that you and your family deserve the best, most comprehensive eye care available. Our office, serving Cleveland and Independence, uses cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to help you maintain excellent eyesight and eye health. Because many eye conditions do not produce symptoms in their earliest stages, it is important that you visit Dr. Jeffrey E. Schultz for a comprehensive vision and eye health examination so he can assess your eyes. If you would like to schedule a comprehensive eye care consultation today, contact us in Cleveland.

Comprehensive Examinations

Our family-friendly practice is designed to provide exceptional treatment to patients of all ages. Our highly trained and caring staff is dedicated to doing everything they can to making your experience with us great. Your comprehensive vision and eye health examination will involve a thorough examination of your eyes and eyesight. A vision test will be administered to determine whether you could benefit from corrective eyewear. We will also check your peripheral fields to assess your side vision. Using retinal photography and a specular microscope, we will examine the inner parts of your eye. In the event that Dr. Schultz discovers an irregularity in your eyes, he may perform other tests to determine whether you have a condition requiring more involved treatment.

Children's Eye Examinations

Mother hugging young son next to oceanHaving your children's eyes evaluated when they're still at an early age will improve their chances of avoiding harmful conditions and give Dr. Schultz a chance to determine whether they will suffer from poor eyesight. We recommend that children, as young as three, visit us for a routine examination. What many parents don't know is that children between the ages of eight and ten can be candidates for contact lenses. Poor vision can make it difficult for kids to socialize, participate in sports, and perform up to their potential academically, so it is important to have their eyesight evaluated.

The appointments we have with younger patients focus on educating them about their eye health, but are determined by the patient's age and individual needs. Generally, these visits include vision, alignment, and general health tests.

Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Macular Degeneration

Lifetime Eye Care officeIf you suffer from an ocular condition, Dr. Schultz can help. Lifetime Eye Care is equipped with some of the field's most advanced technology to help Dr. Schultz diagnose, monitor, and treat your condition accurately and efficiently. If your condition requires more involved treatment, such as surgery, Dr. Schultz will refer you to some of Cleveland's best eye surgeons.

Our ophthalmic surgeons offer a wide variety of advanced LASIK,  laser, and cataract procedures tailored to the specific needs of a patient.  They utilize the latest implantable lenses, diagnostic tools, and customized techniques to achieve safe and effective results.

Flashes and Floaters

A sudden change in the number or size of floaters, a curtain-effect, or multiple flashes is an ocular emergency.  If these changes occur, you need to be seen as soon as possible.  

As the signs and symptoms of a vitreous detachment and a retinal detachment are so similar, you must treat this sudden alteration in your vision is an ocular emergency.  The longer that the retina is detached, the greater the damage, and the lower the likelihood of ever regaining your sight.

Don't waste time thinking that the flashes or floaters will just disappear.  Call our office immediately if these signs or symptoms occur.   We would be pleased to assist you.

Dry Eye Treatment

Diagnosing and treating dry eyes and ocular surface disease can be a complicated process. Common signs and symptoms incorporate red, sore and achy eyes and eyelids. No single treatment plan may resolve the discomfort, and often a combination of several treatments will be needed.

Causes of dry eye and ocular surface disease may include eye conditions such as meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), blepharitis and evaporative eye disease, and systemic diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren's syndrome and lupus.

Let us tailor your dry eye treatment to resolve your discomfort.

In the Case of an Emergency

If chemicals or foreign bodies enter your eye, it can not only be incredibly painful, but potentially debilitating. If a chemical or foreign body enters your eye, rinse it with tap water or saline solution for 15 minutes. Contact our office as soon as possible to seek help, or, if after hours, seek medical attention at a hospital.

Learn More about Comprehensive Eye Care

If you want to improve your vision and your quality of life, contact our Cleveland office about our comprehensive eye care services today.

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