The History of Glasses Goes Back Almost 1,000 Years

The history of eyeglasses goes back many years, and may be more complicated and fascinating than you think. Let's explore the topic.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Jan 05, 2017

Warning: Cigarettes Are Hazardous to Your Eye Health

You know that cigarettes are harmful to your heart, lungs, and other parts of your body, but did you know they increase your risk of…

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Nov 08, 2016

Diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome

Diagnosing dry eye syndrome can be trickier than one might think. The condition can be caused by many factors, each requiring different treatment.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Sep 06, 2016

Eye Care for Teens: Enhancing Your Vision

Teens have a number of unique eye care needs to consider. Let's cover refractive error treatments and other concerns.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Jul 07, 2016

Laser Treatment for Glaucoma

Laser treatment for glaucoma is safe and effective. Find out how lasers can be used to manage this insidious disease of the eye.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on May 07, 2016

Improve Vision with Glasses or Contact Lenses

Dr. Jeffrey E. Schultz can fit patients with a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses that will improve vision while accommodating their unique style.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Mar 09, 2016

Dry Eye Omega Benefits

Not all Omega-3s are created equal. Learn more about…

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Feb 12, 2016

The Konan Specular Microscope Improves Eye Care

The Konan specular microscope is an important diagnostic tool for many eye care procedures and vision correction treatments.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Jan 07, 2016

Understanding Floaters and Flashes: What You Should Do

Floaters, flashes, and spots can be the signs of a serious vision problem or eye health issue. Let's consider these matters in more detail.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Nov 09, 2015

What Are the Risk Factors for Developing Cataracts?

In order to preserve the health of your eyes, you need to know the risk factors for developing common eye diseases such as cataracts.

Posted by Jeffrey Schultz on Sep 08, 2015

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