Eye Care for Teens: Enhancing Your Vision

By Jeffrey Schultz on July 07, 2016

Friends hanging out in a parkWe're proud to be one of the leading vision clinics in the greater Cleveland area, offering patients custom eye care treatment and regular checkups. This focus on overall eye health is what has consistently set us apart from other practices.

Part of this focus on eye care means taking age into account when treating patients. With that in mind, let's consider eye care for teenagers and what that typically entails.

Common Eye Care Concerns for Teenagers

Teens are in the process of growing up, which means that many of their eye care concerns involve maintaining good vision in the present with a focus on future eye care and vision correction needs. In a number of cases, the eye care needs of teens mean addressing refractive errors and avoiding serious injuries to the eyes that can lead to vision loss and impairment.

Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Teens who experience refractive error and other issues with vision quality will often rely on either glasses or contacts for their vision care needs. Prescription glasses are a great standby for vision correction, with the frames offering a stylish complement to a young person's wardrobe and personality. Prescription contacts are also available for people who would prefer to avoid wearing glasses.

Ultimately the ideal option for the teen will depend on their preference and the nature of their vision problem. In some cases, contact lenses may be more ideal for a teen's lifestyle and vision issues. In other cases, prescription glasses may seem far more ideal. This can be discussed during the consultation process.

Sports Goggles for Student Athletes

If you're a student athlete or lead an active lifestyle, it's important to consider getting prescription sports goggles. These safe and secured prescription goggles will help a young athlete see clearly without worrying about glasses being knocked off or contacts falling out. This is also a good option to consider to prevent contact lens discomfort during a game, potentially giving you the edge you need.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Since we spend so much of our time looking at screens, it should come as no surprise that there would be consequences for our eyes. The issue is commonly known as computer vision syndrome, a condition that results in eye, dry eye, headaches, and gradual nearsightedness.

When it comes to addressing computer vision syndrome, there are various options to consider. Special glasses are available to help reduce the effects of computer syndrome, which is especially important for gamers and teens who use their smart phones or tablets a lot. We can also discuss various means of reducing the strain on the eyes, such as when to take breaks and ideal ergonomic arrangements.

Regular Checkups

The basics should not be neglected, which is why regular eye exams are so important for teenage patients. This is especially true when teenage patients have serious problems with vision quality or are dealing with congenital eye issues or vision issues. Continual monitoring and custom treatment when warranted is always best.

Can Teens Undergo Laser Eye Surgery?


LASIK is a laser eye surgery that involves altering the shape of the cornea. Since teens are still growing and their vision is still changing, undergoing LASIK early means that the surgery will alter the cornea before they have stopped growing. This means patients may need an additional LASIK procedure down the road.

That said, we'd be more than happy to discuss the possibility of undergoing LASIK in the future. By letting teens know the benefits and risks of LASIK, they can have realistic expectations about the treatment process and what can be achieved. This also let's them understand who ideal candidates for the procedure are and what alternatives may be best.

Schedule a Consultation at Lifetime Eye Care

To learn more about eye care for teenage patients and how we can enhance your vision, be sure to contact our advanced eye care center today. The entire team at Lifetime Eye Care is here to help you see clearly and see better.

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