Laser Treatment for Glaucoma

By Jeffrey Schultz on May 07, 2016

An illustration of how glaucoma lasers workAt Lifetime Eye Care, Dr. Jeffrey E. Schultz provides his patients with a comprehensive range of eye care services, including treatment for glaucoma, one of the most insidious and treacherous of all diseases, ocular or otherwise. He offers the most advanced treatment options, including laser treatment for glaucoma, at his Independence, OH eye care center. Laser therapy has proven to be a safe and highly effective method of treating glaucoma and helping patients to preserve their vision in the face of this “silent thief of sight.”

If you or someone you love suffers from glaucoma and you would like to learn more about your laser treatment options, we urge you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Schultz at Lifetime Eye Care today.

What Are the Laser Treatment Options for Glaucoma?

Although there is currently no known cure for glaucoma, there are several effective laser treatment options that can be used to help manage the disease. These include:

  • Argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT): Argon laser trabeculoplasty, or ALT, involves the use of a laser to make tiny burns in the trabecular meshwork of the eye, which increases the drainage outflow. This in turn lowers the intraocular pressure. ALT is usually performed as an adjunct to medical therapy. The results of the surgery are temporary; it can often be performed once or twice over the course of a patient’s lifetime. ALT is performed on patients with open-angle glaucoma.
  • Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT): Selective laser trabeculoplasty is a newer alternative to argon laser trabeculoplasty that uses a lower-energy laser to target specific cells while leaving portions of the trabecular meshwork undamaged. Because of this, it may be possible to safely repeat SLT treatment on many patients, even on patients who have already undergone ALT. Like ALT, SLT is usually performed as an adjunct to medical therapy on patients with open-angle glaucoma, and its results are temporary.
  • Laser peripheral iridotomy: Laser peripheral iridotomy is used primarily to treat patients with closed-angle glaucoma. Dr. Schultz uses a laser to create an opening approximately the size of the head of a pin in the iris in order to improve the flow of aqueous fluid from behind the iris to the anterior chamber of the eye.

In some patients, laser treatment for glaucoma may be considered a good first-line treatment, whether instead of medication or, more likely, along with medication. In other patients, Dr. Schultz may recommend that patients attempt medical therapy before undergoing surgery of any kind. He carefully evaluates each individual case before making any recommendation.

Whatever the case, you can rest assured that when you entrust your eyes to Dr. Schultz, you are placing one of your most precious assets in trustworthy, experienced hands.

Learn More about Laser Treatment for Glaucoma

If you would like to learn more about laser treatment for glaucoma, or you wish to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Jeffrey E. Schultz, we encourage you to contact Lifetime Eye Care today.

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