Dry Eye Omega Benefits

By Jeffrey Schultz on February 12, 2016


The U.S. Patent Office has now granted PRN Dry Eye Omega the only patent that relates to Omega-3 composition.

Not All Omega-3's Are Created Equal

Omega-3 capsules are available in two basic chemical formulations. These two formulations have a very different methods of absorption.  To make a difference in your ocular health, your body must absorb 2500-3000mg (2.5-3.0 grams) of Omega-3 per day.

Ethyl Ester Omega-3

The ethyl ester form of Omega-3 that is sold in most stores is not readily absorbed into the body.  Typically this form will only allow for 20-30% absorption. Even though the package may state that the capsule is 1000mg you may just have the benefit of 200-300mg.  Therefore, to get to the beneficial level, it could take as many as 15 capsules per day, and this is something that most patients will  not tolerate.

Triglyceride Omega-3

By comparison, PRN's patented Dry Eye Omega is in triglyceride form, and is readily absorbed.  And its daily dose of four capsules delivers 2668 mg of Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Fatty Acids

An imbalance in the fatty acids causes the meibomian glands to inflame and become blocked. Blocked meibomian glands prevent the production of the tear film lipid layer, thereby causing dry eyes, itching, burning, light sensitivity, and blurred vision.

PRN's Dry eye Omega helps to prevent an imbalance of the ratio of the fatty acids, in doing so, helps to eliminate meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye complaints.

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We now have the two-month supply bottles in the office.  Do not hesitate to ask us about the benefits of PRN Dry Eye Omega.

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