The Konan Specular Microscope Improves Eye Care

By Jeffrey Schultz on January 07, 2016

An eye being examinedLifetime Eye Care means having great vision specialists on your side in your formative years as well as your golden years. We've built a strong and diverse patients base throughout the Independence area because of our commitment to exceptional vision care and advanced eye exams.

When it comes to state-of-the-art eye care, it's important to have the right tools and instruments to do the job. It's with that in mind that we'd like to consider the use of specular microscopes and how the Konan Specular Microscope helps us better serve our patients.

About Specular Microscopes

A specular microscope is diagnostic instrument that allows doctors to get a close-up view of the cells of the cornea, which is the thin, transparent outer layer of the front of the eye. Using a specular microscope, an eye doctor can record and analyze these cells, even the cells of the endothelium, which is the topmost layer of the cornea.

How Specular Microscopes Work

Using light and microscopic magnification, a specular microscope captures an image of the cells of the eye and magnifies them so they can be analyzed by your eye doctor. The number of edothelial cells within one square millimeter are able to be counted to check for any abnormalities or issues.

By using the recorded image and data, an eye doctor is able to assess the health of the endothelial cells, accounting for the number of cells present, the density of the cells, and the overall quality of these cells on the patient's eye.

Diagnosis Using a Specular Microscope

There are many applications for the use of specular microscopy, including general eye health assessments and determining suitability for cataract surgery options, refractive surgery to correct the vision, and even the use of certain contact lenses. Ultimately, the use of a specular microscope is invaluable for diagnosing corneal diseases.

What Makes the Konan Specular Microscope Special

The Konan Specular Microscope allows us to examine the endothelium in extremely high detail, and we can look at these cell images on a convenient high-resolution monitor. Using the Konan Specular Microscope allows us to note any corneal damage and signs of corneal health issues and diseases with greater accuracy than many other diagnostic tools available.

Benefits of Using the Konan Specular Microscope

One of the major benefits of the Konan Specular Microscope is its high accuracy in assessing corneal cell issues. There are special analytical tools that come with the microscope to help in the diagnosis of conditions and to pinpoint potential issues for further examination. In addition, the Konan Specular Microscope allows us to be extremely accurate in the diagnostic process and to perform a trend analysis on a patient's ocular health.

Advanced Eye Care Technology Helps Your General Wellness

The Konan Specular Microscope is just one of many different tools that we have to help improve the diagnostic process and to enhance and maintain a patient's vision and overall wellness for years and years to come. As more advanced tools become available, patients can rest assured that we will look into them and try to incorporate them into our practice in order to keep up our commitment to safe, effective, state-of-the-art eye care.

Contact Lifetime Eye Care

For more information on advanced eye care technology and how it helps you have healthier eyes and better vision for years down the road, be sure to contact our family eye care center today. The team at Lifetime Eye Care looks forward to your visit and discussing these matters in greater detail.

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