Emergency Eye Care Services

By Jeffrey Schultz on November 11, 2013

Emergency Eye Care ServicesThere are many reasons why you should visit with a skilled optometrist. Obviously there are regular checkups and eye exams to consider, but an optometrist can provide other services that are just as important for overall wellness. This is particularly the case when it comes to the nature of eye care emergencies.

Right now, we'd like to take a moment to consider the nature of eye care emergency services, what they entail, and what you should do in the case of a serious eye issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

What are emergency eye care services?

Emergency eye care services refer to eye care treatments that are performed in order to address urgent eye care needs. Usually this involves addressing eye injuries and other sorts of urgent care issues that affect the eye area.

Seek Emergency Medical Attention If Necessary First

Before seeking out an eye doctor for emergency eye care, it's important that patients determine if there is a serious medical condition that needs to be addressed in an emergency room visit. In general, if an eye injury is sustained as part of a larger, more serious, and life-threatening injury, it's important that emergency medical attention be sought before emergency eye care services.

For example, if you are involved in a serious car accident, it's important that you are rushed to an emergency room for the life-threatening matters to be addressed as soon as possible. The same goes for a serious sports accident that causes injuries to the area around the eye socket.

Below are some common reasons why people visit optometrists for emergency eye care services.

Addressing Foreign Objects and Substances in the Eyes

One of the most common reasons why people seek emergency eye care services is because of foreign objects or foreign substances in the eyes. This could be a splinter or metal sliver of some kind, or it may be a chemical or solvent that is painful. Be sure to rinse out your eye with tap water or saline solution and get in touch with us right away.

Treating Retinal Detachment

A forceful blow can cause the retinas to tear or become detached, leading to vision loss. If addressed sooner rather than later, the retina can be reattached and vision can be restored and preserved.

Treating Corneal Abrasions

The cornea is the clear, frontal portion of the eye in front of the pupil and iris. Sometimes an eye injury or foreign body can cause scratches on the cornea itself, resulting in discomfort and potential vision issues. By getting the matter addressed as soon as possible, your vision quality can be restored.

Treating Issues with the Eyelids

Cuts to the eyelid and issues with sudden drooping or sagging can occur, and it's important that they be addressed by eye care experts if the injury potentially affects the vision. As mentioned above, be sure to have pressing medical emergencies treated as soon as possible before seeking emergency eye care services.

Tips for Prevention of Eye Injuries

In order to prevent eye injury, we recommend that people wear goggles, facemasks, or other kinds of protection for the eyes when applicable, such as when at the job or when playing contact sports.

Learn More About Advanced Vision Care and Eye Health

For more information about advanced emergency eye care and your many other options out there for improving your eyesight, be sure to contact our eye care center serving Cleveland today. The entire team here looks forward to assisting you in achieving overall vision wellness.

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