How Often Should Patients Undergo Eye Exams?

By Jeffrey Schultz on May 29, 2013

Cleveland Eye ExamsWhen asked to consider the most important one of the senses, the majority of people would indicate eyesight. So it is unfortunate and surprising to realize that many people actually neglect to monitor their eye health. A large percentage of people seem to be under the impression that routine eye exams are only required for patients who already have poor vision or other eye disorders. This is actually not the case. Just as a physical exam is important in the early detection of illness and disease, a comprehensive eye exam can help doctors detect vision impairment, determine risk factors to one’s eye health, and diagnose eye conditions or diseases in their earliest stages. Cleveland optometrist Jeffrey E. Schultz recommends that patients undergo eye exams once every one to three years. The exact frequency will be recommended by Dr. Schultz based on a patient’s eye health, vision, and risk factors.

When Should Eye Exams Be Performed?

Despite the general idea that eye exams are only for those patients who already experience vision impairment, routine eye exams should actually be a part of every patient’s health care program. Eye exams are not just for adults either. Dr. Schultz recommends that routine eye exams begin for patients as young as three years old. Children should continue to have the eyes examined at least once every two years until the age of 18. The frequency of eye exams recommended for each patient will vary based on the patient’s unique needs. This is determined by whether or not vision correction is required and whether the patient exhibits any risk factors for eye conditions or diseases.

Benefits of Routine Eye Exams

Some patients may question the need for routine eye care if they are not experiencing any irregular eye symptoms or conditions. If a patient’s vision and eye health seem to be fine, what is the point of routine eye exams? Eye exams are actually a vital step in maintaining eye health. Many eye conditions do not produce any symptoms in their early stages. By the time a patient does begin to experience symptoms, the condition or disease has usually advanced into its later stages. This can make treatment more difficult. Dr. Schultz strives to give patients in Cleveland eye care at the initial stages of any eye condition in order to avoid the need for more complicated treatments later on. Dr. Schultz’s comprehensive eye exams involve a vision test, a test of the patient’s peripheral vision, and an examination of the patient’s inner eye. With this comprehensive care, Cleveland patients benefits from:

  • Awareness of eye health and any risk factors for the development of eye conditions
  • Vision correction that meets a patient’s changing prescription needs
  • Early detection of any eye conditions or diseases
  • Early eye care treatment

Schedule an Appointment

At Lifetime Eye Care, Dr. Jeffrey E. Schultz and his staff pride themselves on providing comprehensive eye care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Patients who are in need of routine eye exams should schedule an appointment with Dr. Schultz at their earliest convenience. Dr. Schultz’s comprehensive eye exams will detect eye problems, even in their earliest stages.

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